Breeding principles 

Delta Wagyu are leaders of wagyu genetics, excelling in cattle for commercial profitability, tailoring cattle production to both domestic and export markets.  Our competitive advantage is our genetics,  having a stake in some of the world best wagyu, owning the 2015 and 2016 champion of the world bull, and are pioneering the polled wagyu movement. It is our philosophy to use the best genetics, keeping genetic progress simple and cost-effective.

Our global approach to performance data keeps our clients making genetic progress and competitive with the best herds.Delta Wagyu’s subsidiaries in Africa, Europe, and America allows our clients to have access to the best genetics all over the world. This is one of the strategies that keep Delta Wagyu clients making faster genetic gain than other commercial wagyu herds.

Delta wagyu’s focus on research, global partnerships, and sheer hard work are why we outpace our competitors.

At Delta Wagyu, Genetics is considered an integral part of an efficient beef system and is integrated as part of the overall farm plan. Every mating is individually planned, taking into account pedigrees, EBVs, phenotype, structure, temperament, maturity pattern, and udders. Delta wagyu is accountable to their commercial customers for supplying a quality product, with marbling scores suited their customers market.


Delta's internal database and extensive understanding of wagyu genetics, combined with commercial progeny testing and breeding operation give Delta wagyu an extremely powerful, objective basis for making selection decisions that will benefit the long-term breeding programs for our commercial clients.

Through performance recording, Delta wagyu have developed a population of cattle that have an optimal balance between calving ease, high growth, feed conversion efficiency, fertility, maturity patterns coupled with the ability to produce high quality, high yielding and highly marbled carcasses.