Factor XI deficiency (F11) – F11 is a plasma protein that participates in the formation of blood clots. Factor XI deficiency is an autosomal disorder that is associated with mild bleeding in Wagyu. Affected animals show prolonged bleeding time and abnormal plasma coagulation after trauma or surgical procedures such as castration or dehorning. It is also possible that Carrier x Carrier matings have increased difficulty producing viable fertilized embryos or full‐term pregnancies and are may be repeat breeders. This is generally a non-lethal recessive condition with affected animals being able to live and breed as normal.

Through using BREEDPLAN and our own genetics breeding software , Delta wagyu optimises the balance between inbreeding and genetic progress.Our unique wagyu breeding program gives clients a platform to ‘skip’ a generation and avoid close up mating’s. This greatly reduces the inbreeding rate and risk of any lethal recessive traits occurring.


All breeds of cattle carry undesirable genetic traits. Fortunately, advances in technology have allowed the development in DNA tests for their management.

The genetic conditions know to wagyu are:
Spherocystosis (B3) – an erythrocyte disorder that disrupts effecting b3 proetin structure. Cattle that are homozygous develop  pernicious anaemia with death usually occurring within the first 7 days after birth. In cases live to adulthood, retardation in growth is common.

Chediak Higashi Syndrome (CHS) – CHS is a macrophage disorder resulting in compromise to the cattle’s immune system, making them unable to resist bacterial challenge. Blood is slow to coagulate so often the first indicator is unusual umbilical cord haemorrhage at parturition .Cattle with this syndrome often have an unusually pale coat colour.

Claudin 16 Deficiency (CL16) –Also known as RTD or Renal tubular dysplasia, is a gene disorder on chromosome 1 and causes terminal kidney failure, with onset occurring any time from late adolescence. Cattle are unlikely to live more than 6 years.

Genetic conditions