Champion of the World 2015 - ACC Masterchef

Academy Red Wagyu Recital

Ginjo  Marblemax Tsuru J841

Ginjo Marblemax J864 - Top 5% FTI

Hawkesbury Harunami A2

Semen    From $20/straw

Embryo's For Sale  From $500

Delta Wagyu is at the cutting edge of genetic advancements in Polled, Red Akaushi and High Performance Wagyu cattle.

In our stable, we have the 2015 "Champion of the World" Gold Medal Winning Wagyu Bull, the 2015 Silver Medal Winning Female and "Champion of Asia/Pacific" Female, a very rare Fullblood Polled Bull, and an equally as rare Homozygous Red, Heterozygous Polled, High Tajima sire, an outcross Heterozygous Polled, Homozygous Black Sire,  and we are fortunate enough to be using a Homozygous Polled, Homozygous Black Sire.

Our genetic program has been designed by Australia's best geneticist and is backed up by over 100 years of stud genetics expertise. We diligently track our product right through the supply chain, allowing for complete data looping, lifting and fast tracking genetic gains in animal efficiencies and carcass performance, through real time evidence based decision making.

We welcome the opportunity of helping you achieve your goals.

If you would like further information or would like to purchase females, bulls, semen or embryo's, please do not hesitate to contact Steve at

​​200 x By Itoshigenami out of Westholme Cows - Top 5% Fullblood Terminal Index (Export Qualified)

50 x By a range of sires out of high performing Delta Cows

Red Akaushi Embryo's available on request.